R.K Narayan – English Writing in English

R.K Narayan – English Writing in English

R.K Narayan, who is a notable Indian writer , he is known for his great works which are set in the fictional south Indian town of Malgudi. He is considered a leading writer in India writing in English.
Graham Greene mentored him and guided him for his first four books i.e Swami and Frieds, The Bachelor of Arts and The English Teacher. He introduced his Malgudi, the fictional town in his Work Swami and friends .
He was given Sahitya Akademi Award for his work The Guide ,
What was his Theme ?
Narayan worked on social context and showed everyday life of his characters, William Faulkner is the perfect writer to compare him with. William Faulkner created the town Guy de Maupassant, as Narayan created Malgudi.
People find a chance to criticize him for his simplicity.
Many awards and prizes, He received for his excellent expressions and writings . He is awarded with AC Benson Medal from Royal Society of Literature , the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan.
How this notable writer spent his childhood?
Kunjappa , was born in madras . His this nickname was given by his grandmother. He did schooling from Christian College High School . He moved to Mysore as his father was transferred to Maharajah’s College High School.  He was fond of reading and he was happy enough to have great library there.
After getting his bachelor degree he worked as a teacher but protesting against his principal, who wanted him to serve as physical instructor. He made his mind to be a writer.
He was lucky enough to be respected, even with low income .
It was 1930, when he came with his first novel Swami and Friends . The work was rejected by a string of publishers and ridiculed by his uncle . But he carried on ---- Good job R.K .
Now , He created his well known town Malgudi, explaining social sphere of the country and ignored the limits imposed by colonial rule. He gave introduction to various social- political changes of British India .

So it was a girl again ?  
Coimbatore , 1933, He visited his sister’s home. A beautiful girl Rajam .
Yes , she was 15 and he fell in love with. He managed to marry her , even there were were astrological and financial bottle’s necks. Hope she motivated him and he became a reporter of the paper The Justice, which was dedicated to rights of non- Brahmins.
Now , the success story begins ………….
This job brought him in contact with wide variety of people and issues. One of his friend , at Oxford showed his manuscript to Graham Greene and he took it to a publisher. And it got published in 1935.
Greene asked him to shorten the name of his work . It was an autobiographical work . The Bachelor of Arts was his second work , about a rebellious adolescent. His third work work was, The Dark Room in 1938. 1937, Narayan’s father passed away and he was forced to accept a commission from the government of Mysore.
Narayan touched many aspects of Indian culture and socially accepted practices i.e plight of student of students, Hindu marriage and wife facing husband’s attitudes.
Sad Moment – Rajam died of typhoid in 1939, you know this name , isn’t it ?
Now , he was sad but concerned for his daughter Hema , she was only three .
Now , this bereavement inspired him for his next novel, The English Teacher in 1945. Like his two earlier work this was also semi autobiographical . or we can say it was almost biographical.
New experiment –
He was a little motivated by his successes , in 1940 he started , Indian Thought , within a year it was closed.  But later he started Indian Thought Publications, it was a success. And it is managed by his granddaughter.
Finally after this he started making his own house in 1948, and finished in 1953.
Now he had a lots of work , he came up with more imaginative and creative external style in his works , Mr. Sampath, The financial Expert( this is to read thoroughly , because it is considered his masterpiece ) in 1951. The motivation came from the financial genius, Margayya. Waiting for the Mahatma , relating to Mahatama Gandhi . . The woman, named Bharti ,was again a new work with his modified approach.
Some other things related to R.K Narayan :
Michigan State University Press : this got his work published in the United States.
The Guide : it was written while he was visiting the United States in 1956.
My Dateless diary: a daily journal maintained by Narayan.
Sahitya Akademi Award (1958): for the book The Guide.
The Hindu and The Atlantic: Narayan wrote columns in the news papers. 
   Swami and Friends 1935,The Bachelor of Arts 1937,The Dark Room 1938 
           The English Teacher ,1945, Mr. Sampath 1948
           The Financial Expert 1952
           Waiting for the Mahatma, 1955
           The Guide , 1958
           The Man – Eater of Malgudi , 1961
           The Vendor of Sweets , 1967
          The Painter of Signs , 1977
           A Tiger for Malgudi , 1983
           Talkative Man ,1986
          The World of Nagaraj , 1990
          Grandmother’s Tale , 1992
          Next Sunday , 1960
          Dateless Diary , 1960
         My Days , 1974
         Reluctant Guru , 1974
         The Emeral Route , 1980
        A Writer’s Nightmare , 1988
         A Story – Teller’s World , 1989
         The Writerly Life , 2002
         Mysore, 1944
        Gods, Demons and Others (1964, Viking)
        The Ramayana (1973, )
         The Mahabharata(1978, Heinemann)
Short story collections
         Malgudi days (1942, 
         An Astrologer’s Day and Other Stories (1947, Indian Thought Publications)
        Lowley Road and other Stories  (1956, Indian Thought Publications)
         A Horse and Two Goats  (1970)
          Under the Banyan Tree and other stories(1985)
          the Grandmother’s talle and selected stories (1994, Viking)

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