Kubla Khan – S.T. Coleridge

Kubla Khan – S.T. Coleridge
S. T . Coleridge composed Kubla Khan  pointing towards a sense of mystery and supernatural elements .
Few things to know about this poem
1- It was composed after a dream
2- He wants to describe the beautiful setting that he experienced in his dreams.
3- The place mentioned is Xenadu .
4- He calls the beauty Measureless to man.
5- Not only beauty of strangeness and mystery abut effect of woman wailing for her lover is added.
6- He mentions a song sung by a woman and this song motivates him to build such a great dome.
S.T Coleridge is the poet who brought mystery and supernatural elements of nature in his works . This poem is not the typical beautiful description of nature by a romantic poet , its obscure .

Some words used in the poem -  
1- sunless sea
2-sacred river
3- caverns measureless
Kubla Khan ordered to build the beautiful tomb. And such words like ‘mighty’ , ‘huge’, ‘sacred’ , tumult  make the description dream like.
He uses abrupt changes in meter.
Some other facts about poem –
Publication – 1816
The poem is considered incomplete.
Coleridge forgot the some part of the dream because of interruption.  

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