subject verb agreement 

There are certain rules of sentences and their structures. We have apply these certain rules in order to write correct sentences. for this very reason we must clear some basic concepts like : 
 1- Subject :   The doer of the sentence
2- verb    :  The action performed by subject
 3- syntax :  Structures of the sentences 

Rule 1- The verb must agree with its subject. 
            I go to market. 
            He goes to market. 

short cut : 
               singular subject          singular verb 
               plural subject             plural verb 

We know that in present indefinite we use s/es with verb with third person singular( he , she , it - verb + s / es )  . 
Now you must go through this chart 

1st person      I 
 2nd person
3rd person
Correct following senctences 
1- He go 
2- They talk 
3- We goes 
4- She drink
5- It break 

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