English grammar rules and exceptions

English is a language which has complicated rules but exceptions make it more complicated. So, today rule is from present indefinite tense.
Which says, “if subject is third person singular we use s/es with verbs.”
I-  When we use Dare not and Need not
a) He dare not face me ( we don’t write – He dares not ……)
c) She dare not join my group( not – she dares not…….)
( one reason behind this is – we consider Dare not and need not , semi modals)
                                Be careful if you are using Dare and Need as main verbs , without Not
Use S/ES with them
Like :-
He dares , She dares , You dare.
Rule : we use verbs according to the subject
Exception: II- if we are writing some sentences expressing Supposition
a) if I were a king ( this is not real , I image this )
b) She ordered as if she were our bosses.
So, next time you will be using these rules . Consider exception.

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