The Fifteen Century in English Literature

The Fifteen Century
From the Death of Chaucer to the Renaissance  (1400- 1516)
A long Barren Period – W.H.Hudson
The war of Roses:
                                                          The thirty year’s struggle ( 1455- 86)
For power between the Houses of York and Lancaster, Known as the war of Roses.
Press by Caxton( 1476)
           The introduction of printing press by Caxton was a historical event.
The English Chaucerians:
Thomas Occleve
John Lydgate
Stephen Hawes
John Skelton
The Scottish Chaucerians:
I- James I – His famous work King’s Quair is an allegorical romance which reveals the influence of Chaucer’s Roman de la Rose and Troilus and Criseyde.
II- Robert Henryson- The Testament of Cresseid is a continuation of Chaucer’s Troylus and Crrieseyde.
III- William Dunbar :
 The thistle and the rose
Dance of seven deadly sing

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