Summary of the Norman Period
Who taught Saxons how to hug and kiss in place of taking out guts or intestine?
The Normans came from Scandinavia and conquered a part of northern France, called Normandy. They learnt French civilization and the French language. So , the guy named William , Duke of Normandy, thought of battling which is known as battle of Hastings in 1066. They people were quite romantic in their approach , they wrote tales of love and adventure which was quite different from Anglo Saxon poetry . You know they liked blood and bones. No smile, No kisses, no hugs . Anglo Saxons knew nothing about these , how sad.

But after some time Hastings probably taught everything to Normans and Saxons and finally they united , Great . Now they exchanged roses instead of bullets. There were no bullets huh, on swords. That is why when we study English literature we find a mixture of love and wars.
There were three great effects of the conquest:
England got Roman civilization
Growth of nationality , centralized government , no Saxon tribes groups
The new language of literature . 
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