Some other Literary Terms / coined by / first used by

Some other Literary Terms / coined by / first used by
Inspired Mathematic -           Ezra Pound
Gynocriticism -    Elaine Showlter
Ony connect – E. M.Forster
Two Culture – C.P Show
Anxiety of Influence – Harold Bloom
Symbolist movement – Arthur Rimbaud / Stephen
Archetypal Theory – Northrop Fry
Intentional Fallacy – W.K. Whimsatt/ Monroe C. Beardly
Romantic Irony – Friedrich Schlege
Sprung Rhythem -        G. M. Hopkings
Negative Capability -   John Keats
The New Criticism – John Crow Ransam
Cultural Materialism – Raymond William
Historical Novel -         Sir Walter Scott
Objective correlative -  Washington Allston ( coined) , T.S. Eliot
Pathetic Fallacy -  John Ruskin
Poetic Justice – Thomas Rhymer
Problem Play – Herrick Ibsen
Reception Theory- Hans Robert Joss
Speech Act- Theory-    John Austin
Rime Royal -        Chaucer
Stream of consciousness – William James
Touchstone – Arnold
Aesthetic Ideology-      Paul De Man
Aestheticism – Alexander Baumgarten
Affectice fallacy – W.K Wimsett
Campus novel – Kingley Amis
Alienation Effect – Bertolt Brecht
Dissociation of Sensibility-  T.S. Eliot
Drammatic Monologue – Robert Browning
New Criticism – David Daiches
Theory of Cultural hyberdity – Home K. Bhaba
Deconstruction – Derrida
Reader Response Theory  - Stanley Fish

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