Prose of the Age(15th Century )

Prose of the Age(15th Century ) 
( This was the Age of Translation )
1) Desiderius Erasmus
                   Renowned dutch scholar , work ‘ His Praise of Folly ) written in Latin translated into English.
2 ) Sir Thomas More (1418- 1535)
                   More’s most famous work, Utopia (1516) written in Latin. 1551 – Translated by Ralph Robinson
( It is true prologue to renaissance , Utopia has been called “ The First monument of modern Socialism.” )
3) Roger Ascham( 1515- 68) – great scholar of Latin
                    * tutor of Queen Elizabeth
Dedicated his first work “ Taxaphilus,
The School of shooting
The school master 1570
“The first English Stylist.”
The Reformers
1- Sir John Tyndale-
The translation of the bible and the book of common Prayer.
Translate the new testament
 He was put to death in 1536.
His translation formed the basis of The authorized version of the Bible.

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