Poetry : Renaissance (English Literature)

Poetry : Renaissance
I – Sir Thomas Wyatt(1503-1542) and Henry Howard Earl of Surrey (1516-1547)
                   Two Italian Travelers ( both)
          The book that contains their poem:
Songs and sonnets known as Tottle’s Miscellany – Published in 1557
·       Wyatt introduced sonnet :
He followed Petrachen sonnet
( Octave + Sestet ) (abba, abba, cde, cde)
( 8   + 6)
“ As a pioneer of personal or autobiographical poetry, Wyatt stands first in modern English Poetry .”
 Besides the sonnet , he introduced into English the Italian ‘terza rima, the ottava rima.’

II- Henry Howard , Earl of Surrey( 1517- 1547)
          Translation of two books of Aeneid , Surrey was the first poet to use Blank Verse.

III- Thomas Sackville: ( 1536- 1608)
          The mirror of Magistrates: compilation of a series of stories.
          The Induction: allegorical form of the ‘Roman de la rose’ written in Chaucerian stanza.

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