Some Literary Terms in One Line
( Shortened for practice )

Ambiguity – multiple meaning
Conceit – extended metaphor
Paradox- contradictory, but true
Pathetic Fallacy – ascribe inanimate human capabilities
Synecdoche- Parts stands for a whole
Transferred epithet- hypallage – Inter Change
Metonomy- substituting by words
Antithesis- Put together contrary thing
Morality Plays – plays with moral
Interlude- plays between plays
Spenserian – 9 line poem
Euphony – strike ears smooth
Cacophony – strike ears harsh
Rhetoric – making more impressive
Assonance – similar vowel sound
Alliteration- the repetition of sounds
Epithet – An adjective / Nick name
Epigram – Brief witty word
Euphemism – substituting unpleasant word
Irony- contradiction between expectation and said
Sonnet – 14 line poem
Catharsis – Purification , Purgation
Hamartia- tragic Flow
Peripetia – sudden change of fortune
Recognition – State of illusion
Ottava Rima- Italian – 8 lines – ab, ab, ab, cc
Petrachen Sonnet – abba, abba, cde, cde, (octave+ sestet)
English sonnet – ab, ab , cd, cd, ef, ef, ef, gg.
Pindaric ode – ode in three parts – Strophe , Antistrophe, Epode(SEA- shortcut)
Elegy- Expressing sorrow and Lamentation
Aside –
Chiasmus- parallel in syntax but reverse in order
Absurdism – meaningless or without logic
Existentialism- having existential attitude
Existential Attitude- Individual should be starting point
Theatre of absurd- Playwright of 1950(late)
Subjective- author incorporates personal experience

Objective- author presents the invented situations.

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