Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism
1- T.S Eliot –        Objective Correlative ( Essay on Hamlet)
2- Arnold -           Touch Stone method
3- Hopkins           Sprung Rhythem
4- Keats               Negative Correlative
5- T.S Eliot           Dissociation Sensibility
                             Theory of impersonality
                             Objective Correlative
6- Ransom           New Criticism
7- Derrida            Deconstruction
8- Edward Soja   Theory of Third Space
9- Wolfgnag Isler Reception Theory
10- Home. K. Bhaba     Theory of Cultural Hybridity
11- Campus Novel       Kingsley Amis
12- C.P. Snow               The Two Cultures
13- Franz Roh               Magic Realism
14- Poetic License       
15- Poetic Justice         Thomas Rhumer (17th Century)
16- Founder of Deconstruction     Jacques Derrida
17- Theory of Cultural Hybridiy     Home K Bhabha

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