Indian Writing in English
1- …….. is the most successful poem of Mahapatra . – man of his nights .
2- ……. Is an important concept in Mahapatra’s poem – Silence .
3- The Dark holds no Terrors is a …….. novel – Memory .
4- Sarita and Manu are principal characters of – The Dark holds no Terror.
5- …………  is the first novel of Shashi Deshpande – The  Daek Holds no Terror
6- In the novel “ The Dark Holds no terrors Sarita is a ………….. by profession – Doctor
7- Manu is a character with …….. in dark holds no terrors- Dual Personality.
8- the neo- symbolists in Indo- Anglian poets are – Ezekiel, Kamala Das , Ramanujan and Lal.
9- The first Indo – Anglian poet – Henry Dorezio .
10- The history of Indian writing in English begin with – Raja ram Mohan Roy.
11- …….. is considered to be the Keats in Indian literature – Derozio.
12- “ Sheaf gleaned in French Fields”  was a famous work of – Toru Dutt.
13- Yeats greeted …… as one of the most lovely works in the world -  Man Mohan Gose’s Songs of Life in death .

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