Even More………………………
1- Tagore was awarded the nobel Prize in – 1913
2- Gitanjali songs are mainly poems of – Bhakti
3- Tagore is founder of – Vishwa Bharti
4- Gitanjali contains a sequence of …….lyrics – 103
5- Who introduced Tagore’s works to English audience- W.B. Yeats.
6- Tagore dedicated the English version of Gitanjali to – Rothenstein.
7- “ Where the mind is without fear” is the poem from Gitanjali – 35th.

Let’s learn more …………
1- Waiting for Mahatma is an important novel with Gandhiji as a character, is written by – R.K Narayan
2 The Period between the two world wars in India is called – The Gandhian Age .
3- My experiments with truth is the autobiography of – M.K Gandhi
I picked up these questions for you……….
1-…. Is the seat of literary renaissance in India – Bengal
2- The first novel writtenin Bengali – Alaler Gharer Dulal.
3- First Novel published in English-  Raj Mohan’s wife by Bamkim Chandra Chatterji
4- ‘ Anandamath is a poputlar work of – Bamkim Chandra chatterji
5- A Train to Pakistan – Picture of Indo- Pak Partition .
8 – K. A Abbas’s – inquilab covers the politics of – The twenties
9- Is considered as a veritable dickens in Indian Literature – Mulk Raj Anand.
10- ….is the shortest of Annad’s novels – Untouchable
11- the Events of a single day in the life of the low caste boy Bakha is the theme of Mulk Raj Anand’s Novel-  Untouchable .
12- Mulk Raj Anand’s novels describe the ----- and ---- in the contemporary society – Inequalities  and idiosyncrasies .
13- The famous ‘ Trio of Indo’ –
                                                Anglian Lit
                                                R.K Narayan
Raja Roa
R3 – Raj Anand , R.k , Raja Rao.

Special – Derozio is called – Keats ,

                Mulk Raj  is called – Dickens . ( M.D – D.K )  

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