Important American Writers and their works

Important American Writers and their works
1- H. W Langhorne –
Hyperion , The Psalm of life
2- Walt Whitman –
Leaves of grass, songs of myself, I hear America singing .
3- Ralph Waldo Emerson-
          The Nation Builder
          The American Scholar
4- Natheniel Howthorne-
          The Scarlet Letter
          The House of Seven Gables
5- Edger Allen Poe-
          The Haunted Palace
6- Oliver Wendell Holmes-
          Break Tables Series
          The Deacon’s Masterpieace
          The Wonder One Hoss Shay
7- James Russell Lowell –
8- Arthur Miller-
           Death of Salesman
          View from the bridge
9- Earnest Hemingway-
          The Old man and the sea
          The farewell to Arms
10- Herman Melville –
          Moby dick
11- Tenesse William
          The glass Menagerie
12- Eugene O’ Neill-
          The Hairy Ape
The Murder in the Rue Morgue
                             13- Henry James
                                      The Portrait of a Lady
                                      Golden Bowl
                             14- John Stien Beck –
                                      East of Eden
                                      The Grapes of Wrath
                             15- Robert Frost-
                                      Stopping By wood on a snowy evening.
16- Sylvia Plath
          The Bell Jar
17- William C. Dougles-
          A Girl with a Basket
18- Pablo Neruda- Keeping quite
19- Leo Tolstoy- War and Peace
20- Emily Dickinson-
           I heard a fly buzz…. When I  died .
          My life Closed twice Before it close.
21- James Fenimore cooper-
          Leather Stocking tales
22- Washington Irving=-

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