Anachronism | 100 Literary Terms| [ 1]

Greek Word - Anachronous 
meaning - against time

" This is an error in chronology in a literary piece."
Lets see an example to make it clear 

here is the most famous example of ANACHRONISM
ERROR by Shakespeare in Julius Caeser
Brutus: " Peace! Count the clock."
Cassius: "The clock has stricken three"
So, can you tell me why anachronism occurred ?
Because of the word THE CLOCK
Mechanical clock wasn't invented at the point of time
when Brutus was talking to Cassius . So, here is error and
error is called ???????????      - Anachronism
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John Keats and Works

Here are the notes on John Keates
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English Renaissance

Let's talk about Renaissance....
By the way if you don't know . Let's see first some basic facts.
Ranaissance was a cultural and artistic movement .
It was between - the late 15th century to early 17th Century .
It started in Italy in the late 14th century.
some important events
1- with Battle of Bosworth Field ended the Wars of the Roses

2- it inaugurated the Tudor Dynasty.
But remember The English renaissance is different from the Italian Renaissance
why ? How ?
Because of the dominant part
so , what was the dominant part ?????

Literature and music - in eng. Renaissance
Visual arts -in Italian Rnaisance.
now the question is
when it really started and ended
literary historians say , it started in 1520s and continued nearly 1620.
now its hight time we should talk about a guy named
Shakespeare - 
chief figure of the English Renaissance.
why? why? akhir kyu?
He wrote so many plays , and sonnets and he was a humanists .
isnt it enough.

Renaissance spread because of one thing more ..
Printing press - nobody was writing with hands . now they can print , it was the mid of 16th century.
 How can we forget the sweet guy Edmund spencer - He came with his FAERIE QUEENE
you can watch this short vid for some extra bits of knowledge

what else can you keep in mind ???
2- Technological advances and sailing and cartography.
Here are the people because of them you have great literature to read
and enjoy, and to remember ( for exams )
1- Christopher Marlowe
2- Shakespeare
3- Ben Jonson
4-Thomas moore
5 Roger Ascham
one fact about this CHAM you must remember is , He trained Elizabeth
and she became the product of Renaissance Humanism .

You know who wrote  the poem On Monseiur's Departure????
yes .... Elizabeth herself .
some other things happened in this period
Book of common prayer - published (1549)
while reading this topic keep in mind the time period
1520 to 1620
Do you know when we got Authorised version of bible came ?
1611 , yes this is the year . it is also called " King James Version"
let me tell you all the Tudor monarchs were highly educated.
Now , let's talk about a little visual arts
They didnt care much but some artist were imported to create some pieces of arts.
some of them were
1- Hans Holbein.
2- Lucas Horenbout
later ,
Nicolas Hilliard and Isaac Oliver produced some fine works .

Finally let me tell you .
The name " the renaissance " is our invention.
and remember this title to the period has been popularized by
by historian Jacob Burckhardt in 19th century.
Some historians questioned the fact that
why ???? we call only this period RENAISSANCE
some guys worked really hard even before.
like ??
Chaucer - popularized english as a medium
He translated works by BOCCACCIO AND PETRACH into English ( yes it was middle english though)
how can we forget
William Langland - Piers Plowman
John Gower-
Thomas Malory - Le Morte D'Arthur)
John Lydgate-
Thomas Hocclevee
yes , they really deserve this name Renaissance and so some scholars find
the period questionable.
but let them discuss :-)
for us this is period of renaissance
from the late 15th to the early 17th century .
But remember these names because these all did really hard work to make
it a great time to rember .
1- Francis Bacon
2- francis Beaumont
3- Thomas Campion
4- George Chapman
5- Francis Hubert
6- Thomas Dekker
7- John Donne
8- John Fletcher
9 - john ford
10- Ben Johnson
11- Thomas Kyd
12- Christopher Marlowe
13- Phillip massinger
14- Thomas Middleton
15- Thomas More
16- Thomas nash
17- William shakespeare
18- sidney 19 - spenser 20- tyndale 21- Wyatt

Great Odes and Their Writers

Poet ode
Robert Herrick           An ode for Ben Jonson
 Abraham cowley      On Solitude
 Ben Jonson                 An Ode to Himself
                                       An Ode
 John Donne                 Hail , Bishop Valentine
                                        A Hymn to God the father
Milton                             Ode on the Nativity of Christ
 Marvell                          Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland
 Dryden                           Alexander's Feast
                                          Anne Killingrew
 Gray                                Hymn to Adversity
                                         The Bard
                                         The Progress of Poesy
 Collins                            Ode to Everning
                                          Ode on the Superstitions of the Highlands of Scotland Edward Young                Ocean and ode
 Thomas Campwell        Ode to Winter
 Wordsworth                   Ode to Duty
                                           Ode on Intimations of Immortality
Watch the video for more help - 

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