The Early Renaissance(1516-1558)

The Early Renaissance(1516-1558)
The Period of Preparation( 1516-1558)
The Period of Manhood ( 1558-1525)
                                      (Age of Elizabeth)
The Middle Age of Renaissance (1603- 1625)
                                      ( Jacobean Age )
Age of Elizabeth+ Jacobean Age = Age of Shakespeare
                             What is Renaissance?
“Intellectual Rebirth “
The discovery of mankind  of himself and of the world .
The revival of classical learning .
Facts : The turks conquered the Eastern Empire and capture Constantipole in 1453.
          Renaissance began in Italy.
Renaissance was the result of three impulses;
I – The Inspiration derived from the revival of classical learning .
II- The stirring of man’s imagination by the great voyages of discovery.
III-  The spirit of religious reformation which began in Germany.

Lets practice some questions : Just tell the writers of these works
Translation of Aeneid
Dream of the road
Dance of the Seven deadly sins
Confessio Amentis
Falles of Princes
Piers the Plowmen
History of Britain
English Version of the Bible

Writers( Ans )
Gawain Dougles
William Dunbar
John Gower
Geoffrey Manmouth
John Wycliff


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