The Age of Shakespeare: Poetry 1558- 1625

The Age of Shakespeare: Poetry
1558- 1625
Elizabethan Poetry:
          Love poetry:
          Sidney – Astrophel and Stella
          Spenser’s – Ammoretti
          Daniel’s – Delia
          Marlowe-  Hero and Leander
          Shakespeare- Venus and Adonais.
Jacobean Poetry:
          James I ruled over England during this period
          “ Victory of Armada”
Sidney- “ Of all sciences is our poet the monarch.”

Sir Phillip Sidney: 1554-1586
Sidney is remembered for :
1580- Apology for poetry
1590- Arcadia
1593- Astrophel and Stella
 1-Astrophel and Stella:
Memorable collection of sonnets by Sidney .
Sidney’s love for “ Penelop” sister of Earl of Essex.
Astrophel – Sidney Himself
Stella – Penelop
2- Edmund Spencer 1552- 1599
Greatest non – dramatic poet
First work- The Shepherd’s Calender ,1579 ( magnum opus)
The shepherd calendar:
Inspired by Theocritus and Virgil Bucolica.
Misllaneous Tale:
Mother Hubbard Tale : A remarkable satire
This is a collection : Ruins of times , The tears of muses , The fate of butterfly.
In 1595- autobiographical poem “ Collins Clout”
A shepherd who is visited by another shepherd ( Sir Walter Raleigh)
Another shepherd ( Spencer) .
In 1595- Amorretti
Collection of 88 petrarchan sonnets .
In this he describes the progress of this love for Elizabeth Boyle.
His sonnets are divided into 3 quartrains.
 ( ab,ab, bc, bc, cd, cd)
Coleridge Called it “ Maidenliness”.
 In 1595- Epithalamion
The noblest wedding hymn – in honor of his marriage with Elizabeth Boyle.  

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