Some Terms / Coined by / used First by

Some Terms / Coined by / used First by
1- Cockney School                 Hunt ,Hazlitt , Keats
2- Syntactic Structure           Naom Chamsky
3- Symbolist movement       Arthur Symons
4- Magic Realism                   Franz Roh
5- Cyber Space                       William Gibson
6- Arche Writing                    Derrida( in Grammatology)
7- il miglior Fabro                  Ezra Pound
8- Fabian Society                   G.B. Shaw
9- Pindaric Ode (regular)      Ben Johnson( to the immortal friend)
10- Irregular Ode                   Abraham Cowley
11- Phenomenology              Hussrel, Martin Heidegger
12- Frytag’s Pyramid             Gustav Frytag
13- Hermeneutics of             Paul Recoeur
14- Purpreus…Pannus           Purple Patch
15- phenomenological          Wolfgang Isler
16- Imaginative Prose Walter Peter( In Essay ‘Style’)
17- Womanism                      Alice Walker
18- Dialogism                         Nikhail Bhaktin
19- Orientalism (1978)        Edward Said
20- Logocentricism                Derrida (Centered on the word)
21- Egotistical Sublime         Keats to Wordsworth
22- Black Orientalism
       Or Afrocentrism              Ali Mazrui
23- Cultural Materialism       Raymond William
24- Methodism                      William H. Gass( coined)
25- Neo Romanticism           Thomas Dylan
26- Imagery Symbolic
       Order                               Jacques Lacan

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