Some Literary words or terms (must know related terms

Some Literary words or terms (must know related terms)
          Beat writers : group of writers in second half of 1950-1960
Archetypal criticism: maud Badkin’s Archetypal pattern in poetry(1934)
Archaism: Use of obsolete(too old) words.
Carpe Diem: “ seize the day”
          Carpe Diem poem emphasizes that life is short and time is fleeting.
Spencer’s faerie Queen
Edmund Waller’s – Go lovely rose
Andrew Marvell’s- To His coy Mistress(1681)
Celtic Revival:
          Irish literary renaissance creative period in Irish literature. (1880 to death of W.B. Yeats)
Related- ( W.B. Yeats and AE George Russell)
Decadence: 19 century
Antonomasia: figure of speech in which a proper name is used to express a general idea ( Iron Lady for Margaret Thatcher)
Anadiplosis: repetition of the last word
                       For Lycidas is dead/
Dead are his prime.
Young Lycidas and hath not left his peer.
                                                          -Lycidas by Milton .
                   “ What I present here is what I remember of the letter
What I remember of the letter I remember Verbatim.”
                                      -Vladimir Nabokov , Lolita.
An error in Chronological , placing wrong historical time.
Amphiboly/ syntactic Ambiguity:
          Sentence may be interpreted in more than one way.
“The duke yet lives that Henry shall depose”- Henry VI
(Henry will depose or duke will depose Henry)
Flying planes are dangerous. ( act of flying planes or planes that are flying)
Decadence- 19th century
Antonomasia- Iron Lady
Anadiplosis: last word repeat
Anachronism – error in chronology
Amphiboly- flying planes

Canon of Literature: Writer’s widely recognized as major.
Conceit: Extended Metaphor.
I) Petrachen Conceit
II) Metaphysical Conceit
Donn’s – A Valediction : forbidden Mourning ( A twin compass)
T.S Eliot- for evening ( a patient etherized upon a table.)
          A short allegorical tale to convey a moral.
Soliloquy: ( solo + loquer) – ( oneself + I talk)
Secret thoughts aloud audience can listen but not other characters.
Aside: character speaks to audience but It’s short unlike soliloquy or dramatic monologue.

A Monologue: secret thought + to audience+ character 

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