Prose : In Fifteen Century

Prose : In Fifteen Century
The establishment of the printing press in 1476 by Caxton contributed much to the development and popularity of English prose .
I- Reginald Peacock:
           The two works which are landmark in English prose are Represser of overmuch Blaming of the clergy and Book of faith.
II- Sir John Fortescue
III- The Paston Letters
IV- Caxton : The most Remarkable translation are “The Reciryell of the History of Troye” and The game and Playe of Chesse
V- Sir Thomas Malory:
          Memorable work – Morte D’ Arthur
          This work was completed in the reign of King Edward IV, in the year 1470 .
It is compilation of French romances related to Arthur and Round Table.
“ He was victim of War of Roses.”

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