List of Must Know facts in English Literature

List of Must Know facts in English Literature
               (Who coined the words, First in English literature)
Father of English Essay – Bacon
Travel literature - Richard Hakluyt
Literary Criticism          - Dryden
Prose Romance - Sidney’s Arcadia
Pindaric ode –     Ben Johnso
Aphoristic Prose – Bacon
First Realist – Thomas Nashe
Picarisque Novel          - Unfortunate Traveller ( Nashe)
First Dramatic Lit. Satire- The Old wives Tale (Peele)
Englihs Tragedy – Gorboduc (1561)
Firest Problem play- A Doll’s House
Father of Essay – Montaigne, Michael De (essas’)
Theory of Imitation -   Plato
The Criterion -     T.S . Eliot
Surrealism -         Andre Breton
The Autobiography of a Super Tramp- W.H Davis .
Irish Literary Movement – W. B. Yeats
Comedy of Hemour-    Ben Johnson
Father of Criticism – Aristotle
Father of Criticism ( English) – Dryden
Fleshy School of Poetry -      Buchanan
Shakespeare of American fiction -           Henry James
Pablo Neruda(pen name) – Neftali Ricardo Reyes
Poet’s Poet / 2nd Father of eng.poetry-  spencer ( Lamb)
Father of Eng Poetry – Chaucer
Father of new Criticism- I. A Richards
Comedy of menace – Harold Pinter
First Eng Parody Novel – Night of the burning Pestle (1614) (B & F)
Alexanderine -              12 syllabic iambic line
Incunabula -        Books published
Provincialising Europe-         dipesh Chakravarty
Utilitarianism – J.S Mill ( Benethan) (doubt)
The Vanity of human wishes          - cynicism
Imagined communities-        Benedict Anderson
The Lost Generation – Gertrude Stein( used the word first)
The new Historicists-   Greenblatt , Montrose, Goldberg
Archtype -  Freudian concept
Magic Realism – Italo Calvino
Samuel Pepys – 1660 to 1669
The nun Priest’s Tale Beast fable
Comedies of Humour  - Ben Johnson
The right wing Poet – T.S Eliot
War Time romanticism- Dylan Thomas
Grand Narrative – Lyotard

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