Indian Writings in English
Publication Years
1960 – The Guide                  R.K. Narayan
1964 – The Serpent      
              and the rope             Raja Rao
1965- The Tribal World         Verrier Elwin
1967 – Shadow from Ladakh         Bhabani Bhattacharya
1969 – an Artist in life                    Niharanja Roy
1971- Morning Face                       Mulk Raj Anand
1975 – Scholar Extraordinary        Nirad c. Chaudhari
1976- Jawaharlal Nehru                 Sarvepalli Gopal
1977- Azadi                                     Chamn Nahal
1978 – Fire on the Mountain         Anita Joshi
1983- the Last Labyrinth                Arun Joshi
1983- Latter Day Psalms                Nissim Ezekiel
1984- The Keeper of the Dead       K. N. Daruwalla
1986- Collected Poems                  Kamla Das
1986- Rich like us                            Nayantara Sahgal
1988- The Golden Gate                  Vikram Seth
1989- The Shadow Lines                Amitav Ghosh
1990- That Long Silence                 Shashi Deshpande
1991- The Trotter Nama                I . Allan Sealy
1992- Our Trees Still Grow  
in Dehra                                  Ruskin Bond
1993- After Amnesia                       G.N. Devy
1994 – Serendip                              Dom Moraes
2012- These Errors are correct      Jeet Thayil
2013- Laburnum for My Head       Temsula Ao

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