Indian Writings in English

1- Modern Indian Literature begins with -  Raja Ram mohan Roy
2- The first of the Indian masters of English- Ram Mohan Roy
3- First Indo- Anglian writers of verse and prose
 -  Henry Derozio
-Kashiprasad Ghose                                                                                                                                                                             -  Michael madhusudan Dutt
4- Derozio’s most ambitious work-
-          The fakir of Jungheera

5- The first Indo Anglian poet
-          Henry Drozio
6- who is considered to be the Keats in Indian literature- Henry Derozio.
7- “sheaf gleaned in French Field” was a famous work of – Toru Dutt

8- Yeats greeted as -------- as one of the most lovely work in the world
-          Man Mohan Ghose’s songs of life and Death
Some question from English writing by Indian writers-
1- Sri Aurobindo’s colossal work of mystical philosophy is – The Life Divine
2 – The prestigious work of Aurobindo – Savitri ( an epic containing 24000 lines )
3- The future poetry ‘ is a great work of – sri aurobindo
4- Aurobindo’s Savitri is – Symbolic of the true wife’s devotion and power.
1- The last of the Indian romantic writer-  Sarojini Naidu
2- 1979 was the birth centenary year of – Sarojini Naidu
3- Theme of Sarojini Naidu’s Poetry –
-          Love , Nature , Nationalism
4- ‘ Coromandel fishers ‘ is a ------ song -    Folk
5- The poem’ Coromandel fishers’ is taken from – The Golden Threshold.

Note : Toru Dutt – The First Indian English poetess in English . 

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