Twelfth Night / Shakespeare – What you will
The red and The black / Stendahl – A chronicle of 1830
The Habbit / J.R.R – Ther and Beck Again
Edward VIII – A king’s Story
Middle March / Mary Ann Evan – A study of Provincial life
Madam Bovary / Gustav Flaubert – Provincial life
Lady Windmere’s / Oscar Wilde – A Play about a good woman
Uncle Tom’s Cabin /Harriet Beecher -  Life Among Lowly
Jane Eyre / Currer Bell – An autobiography
Frankenstein / P.B. Shelley -  The Modern Prometheus
Pamela / Richardson -  Virtue Rewarded
Tess / Hardy -  A Pure Women
The Castle of Otranto/ Wolpole-  A Gothic Story
The Good Soldier / Ford madox – A Tale of Passion
 Vanity Fair/ Thackeray / - A novel Without Hero
The Wanderer / Fanny Burney- Female Difficulties
The Secret Agent / Conrad – A Simple tale
Justice / Marque De Sade - The Misfortune of Virtue
A Trival Comedy for Serious People – Importance of Being               Earnest
Isabella                          - The Pot of Baisal
Endymion                     - A Poetic Romance
Mayer of Casterbridge – The Story of a man of Character
Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Life Among Lowly
Othello – The moor of Venice
Oliver Twist – The Parish Boy’s Process
Tess of the D’Urbervilles – A Pure Woman
Moby Dick – The Whale
The Wanderer- Female Difficulties
Slaughter hose five – the Children’s Crusade: A Duty Dance with Death.
Peter Pan -  The Boy who Wouldn’t Grow Up
Lorna Doone : A Romance of Exmoor
Roots: The saga of an American Family
The prelude- The Growth of a poet’s Mind
Orlando – A Biography
Nostromo-  A tale of the Seaboard
Chance – A tale in two parts
Victory – An Island Tale
The Rescue – A Romance of the Shallows
Suspence – A Napoleonic Novel
Benjamin Disraeli’s Coningsby- The New Generation
Sybil – The Two nations New Crusade
Tancred – The new Crusadesilas Marner
Thyrsis – A Monody
Madame Bovary – Moeurs de province by Flaubert .

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