Flowering of Renaissance The Age of Shakespeare 1558-1625

Flowering of Renaissance
The Age of Shakespeare
The Age of Shakespeare , Known as the golden age of literature
1558- Accession of Elizabeth
1625- Death of James I
                   The defeat of Spanish Armada, 1588 established the reformation as a fact in England.
          Queen Elizabeth
          Spencer’s Gloriana
          Releigh’s Cynthia
          Shakespeare’s Fair Vestal Throned by the west .
Italy – the home of Ranaissance
“Every breeze was dusty with the pollen of Greece, Rome and Italy.”
-         About Shakespearen Period
“Bliss was in that dawn to be alive to be young was very heaven.”
Shakespeare’s Hamlet exclaims
“What a piece of work is man!”
“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
          The Plays of Marlowe
          The Poetry of Spencer
          Prose of Bacon
 Marlowe’s Tamburlaine was the most Charasteristics vent.
II) Machiavelli’s Prince : Machiavelli’s prince is the most important work during the Renaissance.
Renaissance is attacked as “Lacking in spirituality.”
 2- Euphues by Lyly :
          Exercise of new kind of prose.
3- Arcadia by Sidney:
          Fiction in order to expound an ideal of moral excellence.
4- Faerie Queene by Spence:
          The influence of the voyagers and of discoveries persisted long after the first bloom of Renaissance had flowered and withered.
Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe
Coleridge’ The Ancient Mariner
These works got influenced by Purchas Pilgramage.
The influence of the revival of classical learning:
Spencer’s Hymn to intellectual
Plato’s Republic
More’s Utopia
Bacan’s Atlantis

Bacan is called “ High Priest of attitude.”
John calvin( 1509-64)
          The theology of Puritans was mainly derived from the philosophy of John Calvin (1509- 64), know as Calvinism.
The Great Writers of the Age :
Ben Johnson
Milton                          True Children of Renaissance and Reformation

 Humanism + Puritanism = Christian Humanism
Spencer and Milton represent Christian Humanism .
 Some must know facts
Wycliff – The Morning star of Reformation
Tyndale- Translation of the New Testaments.
“ Shakespeare alone used more than 15000 words , this is real beginning of a very high order.

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