Chaucer as the father of English Poetry:
Chaucer is considered “ the father of English poetry” . He is the first who founded English language and poetry . According to Alber “ the earliest of the great moderns” and Matthew Arnold says “ with him is born our real poetry” . 
Some major Characteristics of Chaucer works :
1. New Poetic Subject
                                Chaucer collected ,adopted and molded his matter without hesitation. Chaucer rurned his eyes to the life and people of his time. His realism reflects his modernity.
2. Humour and Pathos
                                He is the first to use humour in English poetry. According to A Brooke “ His humour is broad, , sometimes shy, sometimes gay, but it is also exquisite and affectionate.”  
3. Chaucer’s Language and Versification
                                At that time there were four dialects: Southern, East Midland , Northumbrian and Kentish. And Chaucer popularized the East Midland dialect by reshaping it. This is reason Lowes remark “ he found English a dialect and left it a language.” And spenser called him “ the well of English undefiled.” Chaucer’s style is noticeable for vigour, clarity and concreteness. Some example from his works:
                Monk’s horse is “ as broun as is a berie”
                                The friar’s eyes twinkle “ as doon the sterres in the frosty night.”
                                                The Franklin’s purse is as white as morning milk,
                                                                Clerk’s mount is “ bene as is a rake.”
                Wife of bath creates a graphic effect:
                                                                Booled was hir face, and fair and reed of hewe.
                                Chaucer is the first man to use “naked words”  and he introduced the heroic couplet into English and invented the rhyme royal.
4. Chaucer’s narrative art:
                “ Had Chaucer written in prose, it is possible that his Troiluc s=and Cressyde and not Richardson’s Pamela would be celebrated as the first English novel”.
Chaucer’s method of narration is dramatic . Action, dialogue, gesture and costume all looks like of real life.


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