American Literature Important Authors/Writers/ Their Works

American Literature
Important Authors/Writers/ Their Works
Benjamin Franklin                 Poor Richard’s Almana and Autobiography
Thomas Paine                        Common Sense / American crisis
Thomas Jafferson                  The Declaration of Independence.
Phillip Freneau                       his poems
Washington Irving                 Rip Van Winkle / The legend of Sleepy Hollow
James Fenimore                    Leather Stocking tales, a series of five novels
Edgar Ellan Poe                      The Murder in the Rue Morgue
Howthorne                             The Scarlet Letter , House of Seven Gabbles
Melville                                  Moby dick
Walt Whitman                       Leaves of grass, songs of myself
Emily Dickenson                    I heard a fly buzz …. When I died
                                                My life closed twice before its close.
Ralph Waldo Emerson          The American Scholar
Hernry David Thoreau          
Mark Twain                            The Adventure of Tom Sawyer , Life on Mississipi
                                                Adventure of Huckleberry finn
Henry James                          The Portrait of a lady, The Ambassador , The wings of dove, The Golden Bowl, Point of view.
Stephen Crane                       Red Badge of Courage
                                                A girl of the street.
Frand Norris                           Mc Teague
Theodore Dreiser                   Sister Carrie, An American Tragedy
Jack London                           The Call of the wild
Pound                                     In a station of the Metro
Sandburg                                The Fog
William Carlos William         The Red Wheel barrow
T. S. Eliot                                Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Arther Miller                          The Death of Salesman.

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