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Three Periods in Chaucer’s poetic Career
Chaucer’s poetic career is divided into three parts
1. The French Period.
2. The Italian Period.(1372- 1384)
3. The English Period (1384-1390) 
The French Period
Chaucer was influenced by French poetry. He composed a lot of love poems in his youth. It is supposed that ABC a prayer to the Virgin is the first of his extant poems. Roman de la Rose, the famous French work , from this work he translated some portion. He learnt following things from French poetry:
I – fluent simplicity,
II- complete correspondence of words and thought
III- Constant restraint in the expression of emotion and satire.
The Book of Duchessee , john of Gaunt’s wife an allegory , he wrote this in 1369 .
The Italian Period
He used variety and new technical innovations in this age, visited Italy . he read Dante’s Divine Comedia, petrarch’s Sonnets and Boccaccio’s Decameron.  He saw dawn of renaissance and it influenced him to the great extent. In this period he wrote these works:
1- The House of Fame – a dream allegory, influenced by Dante, Diction- lofty thought and homely language,
2- the Parliament of Fowls, Troylus and Cryseyde - 
3- the legend of Good woman -  1385, unfinished, planned for 19 tales.
4- Troylus and Cryseyde-  founded on Boccaccio’s filostrato.
The English Period
Some Poems along with his monumental work “ Canterbury Tales”
1- Former Age
2- Fortune
3- Truth
4- Gentilesse
5- Lak of Stedfastnesse
His master piece
Canterbury Tales
( check out other posts for details about Canterbury Tales.)

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